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A little introduction to how I started my journey which ultimately lead me to opening my very own raw food shop.

A few years ago, I had a puppy called Blaze who had severe allergies, Blaze and Elsapaw licking, bad ears, terrible tear stains that left his face red raw and last but not least horrendous gas. Your could say I had quite a few issues with him and I needed to do something about it.

I initially took him to the vets and he me told it was food allergies and recommended a grain free food. However at the time, I was already feeding him an expensive, good quality grain free food. So what do I do now?

After returning home I decided to see if I could find a solution as it wasn't fair on Blaze. After many many (many) weeks of research I came across 'Raw Feeding' and it seemed too good to be true. I read so many success stories explaining how it did this and how it did that. I just had to try it. However, I wasn't sure about feeding him uncooked food and bones like probably most other people but if it worked and he liked it then why not give it a try. After all I haven't anything to lose.

After about only 3 weeks of him trying raw food, the results where amazing.

  • The itching stopped
  • His ears cleaned up
  • Tears stains completely disappeared
  • No more paw licking
  • No more farting.
  • He was taken off steroids
  • Gleaming coat

I couldn't believe the results. I took him back to the vets and he couldn't believe it either. Although he didn't agree with raw feeding he told me to carry on. So I did. And since that day, I've not looked back and also started to tell all my family and friends. Many of these converted as well and amazingly had similar results.

For a few years, I starting promoting and informing more people about the power of raw and also dream't of starting up my own business.

In April 2019, my dream came true and Rawsome Pets was born.

Last but not least, I could not have done this without my friends and family who have been nothing short of amazing to get it where it is today from what is was. Your all amazing and thank you so much for all your help.

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287 Oldham Road, Royton, Oldham, OL26AJ
 0161 624 9383

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Rawsome Pets of Oldham Facebook page